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Topics in Recording Industry: The New Music Business

RIM 4810 // CRN 17511

 This class brings you to the cutting edge of the music business. Guided by current industry professionals and entrepreneurs, A Minor in Reality revolves around a podcast recorded in class with a wide range of major music biz players. Each week, students encounter real-world situations And problem-solving in a friendly, collaborative, and challenging environment. Show up, lean in, and mPWR can mold you into a well-connected professional who knows how to navigate the industry, understands both creative and business mindsets, and is ready for the personal upgrades and self-transformation required to build a lasting career. 


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MPWR is providing you with the MODERN classroom. What we provide that tradition universities cannot is a sense of REALITY. You will not be learning about the way an industry functioned 10 years ago…but how it functions today.

TO THE LEFT is how our class is structured.

PRACTICUM: Learning the fundamentals

PRACTICAL: Putting your knowledge to work

INSPIRATION: Hearing the experiences of those who have gone down your path long before you


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